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Revamping the U.S. Immigration System

This year has brought numerous challenges, as well as presented new opportunities for immigrants looking to build a life in the United States. With a new administration putting an emphasis on immigration reform, several adjustments have already been made to help immigrants find success. Our South Carolina immigration team outlines these new changes and how they may positively affect your case.

The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021

The goal of The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 has been proposed by the Biden administration as an attempt to completely revamp the immigration system, making changes from the top down. The previous administration produced a number of executive orders that further restricted immigration, many of which were viewed as discriminatory.

One of the Trump administration’s earliest executive orders, which has since been dubbed the “Muslim Ban,” was immediately rescinded by a separate executive order. Under a provision found within The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021, the Biden administration seeks to prohibit discrimination based on religious affiliation to prevent future bans of a discriminatory nature.

Family-Based Immigration Changes

The proposed bill also seeks to iron out inconsistencies and roadblocks for those seeking family-based visas. Some of these objectives include:

  • Clearing out backlogs
  • Eliminating lengthy waiting periods
  • Recapturing unused visas
  • Increasing caps for “per-country” visas

The new legislation also seeks to eliminate the so-called “3 and 10-year bars” that have kept families apart and including permanent partnerships and reject the discrimination of LGBTQ+ families.

One new provision of the proposed bill could be a game-changer for those seeking to gain a green card. With green cards operating on a per-country visa cap, there are massive backlogs of applications due to limited availability. The new bill not only seeks to reduce wait times but also allow immigrants with approved family members to reunite in the U.S. temporarily while waiting for green cards to become available again.

A New Look at Employment Visas

The process of obtaining visas reserved for employment-seeking immigrants will also be restructured. The proposed bill contains many of the same objectives as family-based visas, with several more geared specifically toward employment-based visas. These goals include:

  • Stimulate economic development
  • Adjust green cards based on macroeconomics
  • Incentivize higher wages for nonimmigrant and highly-skilled visas to limit unfair competition with American workers

It will also provide further protections and benefits for dependents of H-1B holders and increase the opportunity for dependents to gain work authorization in the United States. The bill will also keep children from aging out of the system, preventing them from being disqualified for immigration benefits as their parents’ dependant.

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Even with the Biden administration putting this bill in front of Congress on the first day of its presidency, it will likely face a long arduous process before it is made law. The best way to stay up to date on how these potential new laws can affect your immigration case is to get in touch with the immigration team here at Colón Law Firm.

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